jQuery 3.0 Has Finally Been Released

jQuery 3.0 is finally released. According to the developers website, the new improved version will feature a slimmer, faster version of jQuery with backward compatibility support. Other versions such as the 1.12 and 2.2...


Electron 1.0

For the past two years Electron has becoming a staple for many web developers to create cross platform desktop application using HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. Finally Electron developers have reached to a major...

Building a Full Featured Translation Service

Building a Full Featured Translation Service

One way to increase users engagement is to translate all the texts in your web application to their language. Building the ability to translate texts and change languages is easy. In this article I’ll...

javascript-promises-and-angularjs-q-service 56

JavaScript Promises and AngularJS $q Service

A promise (deferred) is a very simple and powerful tool for asynchronous development. The CommonJS wiki lists several implementation proposals for the promise pattern. AngularJS has it’s own promise implementation that was inspired by...

back-button-behavior-on-a-page-with-an-iframe 12

Back Button Behavior on a Page With an iframe

I am developing a widget for websites. This widget lays inside an iframe in a website’s page. One of my users (which is a site owner) complained about a weird behavior of my widget....

interceptors-in-angularjs-and-useful-examples 102

Interceptors in AngularJS and Useful Examples

The $http service of AngularJS allows us to communicate with a backend and make HTTP requests. There are cases where we want to capture every request and manipulate it before sending it to the...

service-providers-in-angularjs-and-logger-implementation 8

Service Providers in AngularJS + Logger Implementation

In this article I’ll explain what a provider is and what is the difference between a provider and other services declaration in AngularJS. Through this article I’ll also create a tidy Logger for your...

angularjs-data-model 42

AngularJS Data Model

As we already know, AngularJS doesn’t come with an out of the box solution for data modeling. In the most abstract way, AngularJS lets us use JSON data as a model in the controller....

flexbox-accordion 0

Flexbox Accordion

I have made a css accordion using flexbox and I like to share it.

easy-select-plugin 0

Easy Select Plugin

One day I was asked to add a text input component with an ability to choose a value from fixed list. After searching the web, I found several jQuery plugins that was able to...