Electron 1.0

For the past two years Electron has becoming a staple for many web developers to create cross platform desktop application using HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. Finally Electron developers have reached to a major milestone in API stability. With the introduction of Electron 1.0 they present major enhancements and new tools to guide new developers through Electrons APIs.


Electron started as a small community and previously was known as Atom Shell. In the past year Electron has steadily growing in numbers with new developers joining, open source maintainers and companies, who are now beginning to grasp the Electron framework. Among the apps that was built by Electron you can find AtomSlack, Visual Studio Code and many others with variety of applications including email clients, chat apps, development tools and even torrent clients.


Along with the 1.0 release, the Electron team has released Electron API Demos app that contains code snippets and tips to help developers starting their app easily. In addition, a new Chrome DevTools extension named Devtron was released, which should help inspecting and debugging Electron apps. Lastly, a new version of Spectron, Electron’s testing framework, was released.


Paolo Nikko

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