jQuery 3.0 Has Finally Been Released


jQuery 3.0 is finally released. According to the developers website, the new improved version will feature a slimmer, faster version of jQuery with backward compatibility support. Other versions such as the 1.12 and 2.2 branches will still receive critical patch updates but are not promised with major features. Likewise former version, jQuery 3.0 will not support IE6-8. Those who need older browsers support can keep using jQuery 1.12.

One major possibility being added with the release of jQuery 3.0 is the slim build, which is the same jQuery excluding ajax modules, web animations and deprecated code. This drop of code reduces 6kb gzipped bytes from the regular version (23.6kb compared to 30kb).

Here are some of the new updates for jQuery 3.0.

  • jQuery.Deferred is now compatible with Promises/A+
  • Added .catch() to Deferreds as an alias for .then(null, fn)
  • Situation where code fails and errors silently ignored, will now throw errors instead
  • Removal of deprecated event aliases (.load, .unload and .error, was deprecated since 1.8 version)
  • Animations now use requestAnimationFrame for smoother and efficient animations
  • jQuery custom selectors are drastically improved in terms of loading times.

An Upgrade Guide can help you migrate your code and plugins from to jQuery 3.0.
The official release announcement can be found here.

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