Single Page Application Authentication

< p>This article will guide you how to add user authentication to your single page application. On the back end side I will use Node.js and on the front end side I will use...


Pages Slider With JavaScript And CSS

In this article I will show you how to build a pages slider that looks like those on our smartphones. At the end we will get this (slide left to see this in action):


Backbone Cleanup

Backbone allows our users to browse our website without refreshing the page. Each page the user visits consists of several Backbone views which are replaced whenever the user navigates. Views reflect our data models...


Optimize (Concatenate and Minify) RequireJS Projects

This article will demonstrate you how to concatenate and minify projects that are based on RequireJS. In this article I’ll use several tools that require Node.js. So, if you don’t have Node.js yet, install...


Backbone Cache

Caching collections and models in Backbone allows to save server calls and return the result faster to the user. This means happier server and happier users. This article will guide you how to implement...


Searcher – Backbone application demonstration

In this article we will build Backbone.js application along with jQuery, underscore.js and require.js. The aim of this article is to demonstrate the use of Backbone components. As we all probably know, there are...


JavaScript Prototype

I bet you have seen the prototype keyword before. This prototype thing is very important to know and understand especially if you want to be an expert web developer. This article will explain you...


Backbone Singleton

Using Backbone.js, sometimes we need a model that will act like a singleton. Other times we want to reuse the type of that singleton. This article will present two different ways of creating a...


jQuery Plugin Pattern

jQuery plugin is an extension to jQuery that encapsulates an ability or visual behaveiour so that it can be used later and in many different parts in a web application. This article will explain...